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About Open-hourly.trade

The team of professional, experienced traders at the Open-hourly.trade, is passionate about cryptocurrency and providing their clients with effective Bitcoin currency investment strategies that will give them a higher return on their investment and increase their profits. The Open-hourly.trade is similar to an investment club, popularized by investors who have little to intermediate investment experience but still want to grow their portfolios like the professionals.

The Open-hourly.trade has sourced some of the UK's most talented traders that have the knowledge and experience needed to trade effectively and make our members money. Our team understands the Bitcoin market and is focused on successful trades, profitable returns and providing levels of service and support our members find anywhere else.

The Open-hourly.trade is a London based investment firm. We are a legally registered investment company and we offer our clients a wide range of investment plans to match their needs and their financial goals.

Daily interest 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Open-hourly.trade offers professional support, daily payments, up to date news, information and updates 365 days per year

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Our "Extended Validation SSL Certificate" uses the highest 256 Bits data encryption to ensure your financial & data transactions are secure.

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DDoS GUARD has been an industry leader for many years now. This protects our dedicated server against any kind of DDoS attack : 1.5 Tbps or 120,000,000 PPS!

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May 23, 2018

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May 17, 2018 05:31:19 PM

UPDATE: Back online //CoinPayments.net is currently offline

UPDATE: Coinpayments are back online // Read more

May 17, 2018 01:12:38 AM

Open-hourly.trade - First newsletter

Hello everyone, first of all Happy Easter to all celebrating! Spring season is finally here and with that comes the best time for high-return investments, thanks to the extraordinary stability of the market right now. Open-hourly.trade and its investors are proud to be a part of it. Read more